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What to expect

Taking on a website design or redesign project can be overwhelming and daunting. My job is to help you every step of the way. This means communicating openly, working together, and providing support and insight to help you navigate through all aspects related to your website.

I work closely with all of my clients to craft a site that's a perfect fit for them.


Working with me, I create spaces where you can honestly and openly communicate your frustrations; list your requests and share your vision for your site.


It's a collaborative process

A lot of my client's goals are to one day, take charge of their website. To that I reply, "Yes!" I will always select a website builder that best suits you, your time, skill, energy, and budget.

For those clients who prefer to be hands-off with their site, that's great too! I will walk you through the best site builder options suited to your goals and budget.

I'll select a website builder that will best suit your needs + goals

I'm more than your site designer!

I'm your liaison to your domain company, your host company, or simply present to answer your questions--even about that weird email you received about your website.

I'm your liaiason