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What to expect

Streamlined websites tailored to your budget & designed to elevate your online presence.

Having a professionally designed website can not only help bring your design wishes to life, it will be strategically designed to promote your mission and goals. DIY websites are flexible but not without its challenges, if you're struggling to build a site that draws people in, or if you're unhappy with your current site, I can help. 

Here are some things to think about:

What's helping? What's missing? Is your message coming through clearly?

Most of my clients come to me unhappy with their current website. Is there something missing? Is there too much going on? Is your message clear or confusing? I'm here to identify what's essential to the site with the goal of creating structure and flow. I believe a succinct, organized, visually dynamic site can entice people to learn more about what you offer and ultimately work with you.

How long will it take? How does this work?

Because a lot of my clients have a goal of one day taking charge of making website updates on their own, I work predominantly with Weebly, Squarespace, and WIX. Understanding your goals, along with your comfort level and skill with technology helps me determine the best site designer for you. 

When revamping an existing website, a lot of content is exchanged between client and Designer. Often, I'll need your approval for content or require specific information from you throughout the process (before moving to the next step). And while I'm diligent about meeting deadlines and keeping the process moving, it's also important to be flexible to an extent.

You can expect to hear from me consistently (not overbearingly).  After all, you're part of the process, you're essential to crafting the core of your website.


I typically work with no more than 2 clients at a time.

More than a Designer

I'm not just your designer. I'm your liaison to your domain and hosting companies. I'm here to save you time, here to help you navigate through the technology ins-and-outs or simply to help answer any questions about that website-related email you received.

Being an active, empathetic listener is one of my best skills. I'm here think of ideas and implement solutions to make your site as effective and dynamic as it can be.

Let's work together!

Free, 1-hour consultation available by appointment only. Schedule a consult today.

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